Frequently asked questions

  1. What is Skols?
  2. Skols is a tool specially designed for Content Creators. It helps them monetize their different expertise and skills by offering consulting, coaching, or tutoring one-on-one sessions with their social media followers.

  3. Who can use Skols?
  4. Skols can be used by Content Creators with any field of expertise or skills to offer to their social media followers.

  5. How Skols work?
  6. Skols is composed of two apps: "Skols Pro" for the Content creator and "Skols" for his clients/followers.

    Within the "Skols Pro" app, the Content Creator has to set his availability, session topics, durations, prices, and payout method, then has to share his Skols link on his social media networks.

    Via that Skols link, his followers/clients can download the "Skols" app and access directly to his profile, where they can select a session topic, check previous ratings and reviews, choose a time slot, then pay the session fee.

    Then, both of them can access the virtual meeting room at the scheduled time. (the access is possible starting from 5min before the session time)

    When the session time ends, the client can rate the Content Creator and the session and write a review.

    Finally, if the session was successful, and no one contacted the support to report an issue, the transaction is confirmed, and the Content Creator can cash out his earnings.

  7. What is the main benefit of Skols?
  8. With Skols, Content Creators get high conversion rates, as the whole procedure is quick and simple for their followers/clients: there is no need for back-and-forth emails to schedule a session and there is no need for different tools for session scheduling, payment, and communication.

  9. How does the fee structure or pricing work?
  10. Skols is free to download and use; there is no monthly or yearly subscription, even though there is a commission on every transaction, the commission varies on the sessions fees and the country of the Content Creator and his followers/clients.

  11. How can Skols Pro users cash out their earnings?
  12. We partnered with Stripe, for secure and fast payouts. Skols Pro users can easily create a Stripe Express connected account in the onboarding or later in settings to receive payouts into their bank account or directly on their debit card.

  13. When Skols Pro users can cash out their earnings?
  14. Skols Pro users can cash out their earnings starting from 48h after a successful session, but if Skols support team receives any issue message from the users, it can take more time to verify and solve the issue.

  15. How much time is needed to receive the earnings?
  16. The time needed for Skols Pro users to receive their earnings into their bank account or their debit card depends on their banks and countries. (from two banking days till ten)

  17. What about rescheduling and cancellation fees or refunds?
  18. Both you and your client can reschedule or cancel a session. If your client reschedules or cancels a session, you can charge him for extra fees (depending on the dates), but if you cancel the session, he will be fully refunded, and the same applies if he does not accept your rescheduling request.